LYON VACATION DURING COVID-19 | France 4K | Cinematic Travel

LYON VACATION DURING COVID-19 | France 4K | Cinematic Travel

In this Video VIEWS BEYOND shows you how your vacation in France during COVID-19 could look like. Lyon is one of the biggest cities in France and a very famous tourist spot all year. Experience the scenic old town with it’s unique architecture, narrow streets and a lot of lovely restaurants, bars and shops. The centre of this beautiful city lies between two rivers: Saône and Rhône. So wherever you’ll go you’re never far away from water! The city also offers many interesting museums including the world famous Musée des Confluences. Not far from the museum there is also a very large shopping mall which is also called Confluences. Take a seat next to one of the two rivers, drink some local wine and enjoy the vibes of one of the most stunning cities in France!

2020/2021 could be your chance for more relaxing and calm vibes around France because they were clearly less tourists than in normal years. Sadly there is a mask obligation in all larger cities around the country (even in public) so you have to wear a mask almost the whole time. But don’t let this get in your way of exploration!

Featured with spectacular drone footage from above and amazing shots from the ground!

SOUNDTRACK: Novo Amor – From Gold

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LYON VACATION DURING COVID-19 | France 4K | Cinematic Travel
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