Best hotels in Paris: Le Meurice.

Best hotels in Paris: Le Meurice.

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Paris has its fair share of palaces and chateaux, but few can compare to the elegance and history of Le Meurice. This Parisian Grand Dame has been welcoming guests into some of the most sumptuous and breath-taking suites in all of Paris since 1835, and almost 200 years later, continues to do so. But how did Le Meurice manage to capture its guests’ interest and admiration for almost two centuries now?

This week, Grand Luxury wanders around Le Meurice, meeting with the individuals responsible for preserving the hotel’s sense of identity whilst always trying to appeal to the future generations. Designers and artisans across generations have joined together to bring their own little touches of creativity and novelty to the hotel’s classic look and atmosphere.

In this new episode of The Visit, Grand Luxury Hotels met with the individuals such as Charles Jouffre and CĂ©dric Grolet, who contribute to maintaining and reinvigorating the spirit and identity of Le Meurice, all the while, under the direction of the General Manager, Franka Holtmann, who makes sure that the palace remains the abode of elegance and artistic expression that it has always been.

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00:00 Introduction
1:05 Interview Franka Holtmann – General Manager Hotel Le Meurice
2:05 Suite Belle Etoile with Charles Jouffre
4:11 Interview Luc Berger – Lally & Berger
4:44 French Gastronomy with Chef Amaury Bouhours
6:05 Interview Rouslan Lartisien co-founder of Grand Luxury Group
6:40 Pastry with Chef Cedric Grollet and Chef Françoise Deshayes
9:05 Interview Ivan Lartisien co-founder of Grand Luxury Group

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Best hotels in Paris: Le Meurice.
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