BEST HOTEL IN PARIS, FRANCE: For The Budget Traveler And Family #budgettravelfrance

BEST HOTEL IN PARIS, FRANCE: For The Budget Traveler And Family                  #budgettravelfrance

After having a horrifying experience at the Airbnb we booked in Paris, France, we decided to book a hotel 2 minutes away. We didn’t have enough time to book a new Airbnb so this hotel was conveniently located near to us. Upon arriving to this hotel we met the most kindest and nicest staff member that provided impeccable service. He went above and beyond to try to make us feel comfortable and found two rooms side to side so we could be near each other. He also helped us get the best nightly price which was 63 EUR per night and included FREE breakfast. The hotel is called Hôtel Lorette – Astotel. The address is: 36 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris.

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BEST HOTEL IN PARIS, FRANCE: For The Budget Traveler And Family #budgettravelfrance
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