A Female Traveler’s Guide to Paris & Mistakes to Avoid | 4 Day Paris Itinerary

A Female Traveler's Guide to Paris & Mistakes to Avoid | 4 Day Paris Itinerary

CORRECTION: National museums in Paris are only free if you’re under 26 years old AND living in the EU (includes US military based in the EU). Meaning, you’ll still need to pay an entrance fee if you’re not elligible. I’m sorry about the misinformation! Here’s the link for reference: https://www.louvre.fr/en/visit/hours-admission#visitors-eligible-for-free-admission

There were so many undiscovered hole-in-the-walls. I just wish we could’ve stayed longer because we weren’t able to take up all the things that Paris offered. But we did the best we could do to maximize our trip within 4 days. So if you’re planning on taking a trip to Paris, keep watching for my 4-day Travel Guide. I’ll show you what to do in Paris, what to see in Paris, what to eat in Paris, where to eat in Paris, mistakes & scams to avoid in Paris, and tips to help you enjoy the most out of your trip!

In my video, I talk about things like:
-4 Day Paris Itinerary Walkthrough
-Mistakes to Avoid in Paris
-Where to stay in Paris
-How to get around Paris
-Shopping tax-free in Paris
-Getting your EU Digital COVID Certificate
-COVID testing centers in Paris
-And plenty of other tips!

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Day 1
4:28 – Day 2
6:20 – Day 3
8:20 – Day 4
10:25 – Where we stayed in Paris
10:42 – How to get around Paris
11:41 – Scams to Avoid in Paris
12:04 – Speaking English in PARIS
12:35 – EU Digital COVID Certificate
13:19 – COVID Testing Centers in Paris
13:35 – Thanks you guys for watching! Please subscribe 😀

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A Female Traveler’s Guide to Paris & Mistakes to Avoid | 4 Day Paris Itinerary
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